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Why Your Links Are Not Helping You To Rank High In Google

Hello guys this is Pallab Ghosh from Smallesttech and you’re reading Why Your Links Are Not Helping You To Rank High In Google. A lot of you guys reached out to me with pretty much the same question you say that you have a better domain rating than your competition you have more links than your competition.

So how come you’re still unable to outrank them in this video I’ll be glad to tackle this question for you so here is an interesting case that was sent to me by a guy who’s named Joe we have a client website we have competitor website and we have a keyword that they are competing for I’m not going to read any of them because I’m sure I will get it wrong.

Keyword Placement & Density

Let’s just put this keyword into Google search and see where both sides rank as you can see the competitor website ranks at spot number one and the client website is nowhere to be found I’ve already checked that and as usual I am going to use Ahrefs tools to take a detailed look at this situation.

This time I’m going to use a tool called domain comparison you can find it underlays menu so let’s compare these two sides and see which one seems to be more powerful first of all let’s look at the domain rating of 37 and 28 this is a clear win for the client-side then scroll down to referring domains 11 and 13.

I won’t consider this to be a huge advantage for the competitor side now let’s look at the referring pages 166 and 20 again the clients it wins now let’s scroll down to the bottom of this report to check out the timeline what I see here is that the competitor did some link building last year but doesn’t build a lot of new links these days and all of that makes me think that the issue is not related to the amount of the quality of backlinks.

Image Optimization

I’m going to open both sides and see how well they are optimized for the keyword that they are competing for so now let’s take our keyword and see how many times it can be found on each website so it’s two occurrences for the competitor website and two occurrences for the client website and again if you look at the titles it’s there for both sides as well.

So again no one wins here which makes it a very cool case if you ask me because both sides are equally optimized for the keyword and the client site has more links but is still unable to outrank the other side but there’s something really important that we haven’t checked yet this is the anchor text of the backlinks that point to both sides lets compare them to.

I’m going to open the good old site Explorer tool by Ahrefs and put both sides there and what I’m interested in is the anchor’s report as you can see the anchor text of incoming backlinks is either generic like view website or visit our web site or simply refers to the actual domain name of this site which is Cummings plumbing what I’m trying to say is that by looking at the anchor texts of the incoming links.

Content and Site Updates

Google gets zero information about the keyword that this website is relevant because basically, most people refer to just by the domain name and that is why while ranking this site Google refers to its on-page optimization, and as you can see this website is perfectly optimized for the keyword Edinburgh plumbers but let’s check the anchor text report for the client site.

I’m not sure if you need my commentary to see that the backlink profile of this site is heavily optimized towards this keyword loading and plumbing services with 53% of all backlinks using this particular keyword which tells Google hey this website is about Lothian plumbing services once I saw this I Wasnt surprised when I did a Google search for this keyword.

So that the client’s website is ranking at spot number one and this pretty much explains why this site doesn’t rank for the keyword Edinburgh plumbers it’s because you can’t build almost a hundred backlinks telling Google, hey my website is relevant to low the unclamping services and then expect Google to rank you for the keyword Edinburgh plumber’s.

Monitor Time on Site

Just because you have it on your page a couple of times and now this site has two options the first one is to build a lot of links with the anchor text Edinburghplumbers to tell Google hey this is what my website is relevant to but then I can guarantee you that you’re going to lose your ranking for Lothian plumbing services because a single page can be relevant to two different keywords at the same time.

And the second option isto create a new page specificallyoptimized for the keyword Edinburghplumbers and with a URL like that myprediction is that a page like this willinstantly rank in like top 50 results ofGoogle or maybe if you’re lucky in top20 and then it’s up to you if you builda few links to it and make it rank liketop threeor even at the first spot and that’spretty much it for this article.

The lesson to be learned is that you shouldbe very careful with the signals thatyou send to Google your website mightsay that it’s about cats but if yourlinks say that it’s about dogsI’m afraid Google will trust the links.

I hope you enjoyed this little SLK studyand they encourage you to sendme more questions like that so that Icould cover them in my next article andactually if you want more articles likethat you can check out our newly created Blog.

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