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The Truth About how to increase your Facebook page followers

Use Facebook marketing to increase your page followers and keep your current fans engaged. Learn effective Facebook marketing. If you are passionate about growing your small business with Facebook, it is all about making connections. With more than 2.6 billion monthly active users, Facebook has the potential to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Focus On SEO Optimization Of Your Facebook Page

As a small business owner, you can miss a lot if you do not know how to do effective Facebook Marketing. All kinds of businesses can find potential customers using Facebook. However, it is essential for small businesses as Facebook can help you connect with the right audience. It is a fact that small brands compete on a local level but have to fight with large digital competitors.

Facebook gives a fantastic opportunity to compete with large businesses even if you are tight on budget. Want to know more? 1. Focus On SEO Optimization Of Your Facebook Page. Filling out the company and brand information on the Facebook page is not enough. Just like Google, people also search Facebook to look for various products and services.

Your descriptive words should match what a buyer is looking for when searching. If you are not sure about what words to select, look at your competitor’s page. Make sure to include all information about your company on your Facebook page. The addition of address, phone number, email, product description, etc., will boost your ranking, and your business will appear in the local searches. Here is the pro tip for you.

Post Stories Regularly

Add the clickable buttons on your page, so people can directly message you, call you or visit your website as soon as they land on your page and click on the button.2.Post Stories Regularly. Facebook gives a story option to the users. The best part of this feature is that Facebook’s story is often shareable and visible to a larger audience than just those who like your page.

Facebook stories may be photos, videos, or animations. Facebook Stories appear at the top of the user’s home page, which is better than lower down in the feed. The downside is they disappear after 24 hours. Light and entertaining Facebook stories with various enticing offers and discounts immediately grab potential clients’ attention.

Try to keep the stories interesting and short. Add a small question, a poll, or a request to encourage followers to interact with you. It is one of the Facebook marketing ideas where you can see a considerable difference in your sales once you stick with this technique.3.Post Purposefully. Try to use a professional yet light tone while posting the images or videos.

It would help if you neither were phony and overly funny nor should you be dry and too serious. The reader should always get the impression you are there to help them. Be cool and calm, grab the target audience’s attention with meaningful posts, and drive them to take a particular action after visiting your page. In this regard, the AIDA model can surely help you out.

Post Purposefully

So while creating the Facebook posts, try to keep this model in your mind: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action (AIDA). When you focus on these four points in your posts, they will be a successful marketing tool, and people will love to share them. Preplanning of the content is the key.4.Go Live On Facebook. People watch Live Streams 3x longer than regular videos.

Even if you do not find many people watching you when you go live on Facebook, remember that those few people who keep watching you all the time are your loyal customers. Going live on Facebook is the most authentic way to determine how many people focus on your brand and are the most attentive towards your products and services.

Nowadays, various small businesses use Live Video streaming to present almost everything about their brand. It is engaging to people. It is up to you to choose the topics such as unboxing new products, telling about the latest discount offers, coming up with more deals and coupons, giving how-to tutorials, or answering people’s questions.

To give further strength to my point, let me tell you about a statistic. According to the social media channel’s newsroom, “People spend more than 3x more time watching a Facebook Live video on average compared to a video that’s no longer live”.As it is obvious from the above statistic, people nowadays give primary importance to live streams compared to old and previously recorded videos.

Go Live On Facebook

Get Positive Reviews On Your Page. Do you know more than 80% of the organic Facebook traffic chooses their brands based on positive reviews and the brand’s overall reputation? It is particularly crucial to accumulate positive reviews on your Facebook page and ask satisfied clients to mention in their feedback what they think about your products and services and how you have helped in solving their problems.

Facebook no longer has the star system. To post a review, the buyer clicks on review then answers yes or no if they recommend the business or product. They are encouraged to write a comment about why they answered yes or no.

Although it will take some time to build up a strong reputation on Facebook, it ensures small businesses’ long-term success.6.Run Facebook Ads to Increase Traffic. Running Facebook ads does not require a huge marketing budget, and small businesses can easily go for this option.

Advertising on Facebook is the most authentic way of paid Facebook marketing and gives you the option of choosing a custom audience. Want to know the exciting part? You can run Facebook ads even with $1 and gradually increase the budget if paid Facebook marketing is beneficial.

Get Positive Reviews On Your Page

By finding the people of matching interests and hobbies, you can also create a custom audience by selecting the people’s interests and post-boosting options. Enjoy Facebook As The Effective Lead Generation ToolFinding leads through Facebook is the dream of every small and large-scale business.

It is quite possible because Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform and can surely help you crush the competition. So follow the given techniques and learn how to do Facebook marketing effectively. Just a reminder we do not provide legal advice laws changed from state to state so make sure you check with your lawyer., Copyright, or any laws that you have questions with. I hope you found this useful and informative.

Please give us feedback so we know If this content was easy to understand and useful to you. Please reach out to our chat board or send us an email. OR TEXT. Any way you decide to contact us would be greatly appreciated. By the way, Which of the following techniques do you like the most? Facebook stories or running Facebook ads?

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