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How To Start Amazon FBA with $250 From Scratch


In this article, I’m going to go with the exact strategy that I used to start an Amazon FBA business, when I was first getting started, with just $250.I’m going to talk about the whole strategy step by step. Then I’m also going to reveal a few good products which you can get started with for just under $250.So make sure you stick around till then because this is going to be one of the most useful and helpful videos I’ve ever made about Amazon FBA.

If you’re new around here, my name is Jatin Naranand I’m documenting my entire journey of growing my online business with as much detail as possible to help you start an online business this year. So if you’re interested in starting your online business and following my journey, then hit that button and subscribe for a new video every single week. Firstly, I wanna show you the results of Harsh who took part in my 50-day FBA challenge.

Initial Cost

He started his Amazon FBA business using this exact strategy back in October, 2021and two weeks ago he messaged me saying he hit 10,000 pounds in sales. I’m showing this to prove that this strategy does work, is very well alive, and is worth your time. When getting started on Amazon, not every one of us has thousands to spend. And I can very much relate to this situation because I used to make around 1000 pounds a month when I used to work at my old IT job.

So this strategy will be perfect for you if you’re on a tight budget and don’t have a lot to spend. Now to make it easier to understand and implement this strategy, I’m going to break it into three parts. In part one, I will cover the initial cost. In part two, I will cover what type of products you will sell.

And in part three, I’ll cover how to scale your Amazon business. By the way, if you like the way I teach this Amazon FBA stuff and you want a person to guide you, hold you accountable, and teach you everything from start to finish, then you might wanna join my eight weeks live online mentoring, the 50-day challenge.

You can register your interest through the 50-day challenge website, link in the description. Anyway, let’s start with part one, your initial cost. When getting started on Amazon, the first cost you will have is your seller central fee, which will be 30 pounds per month, if you’re in the UK and $40, if you’re in the US.

The next cost is going to be the tools and equipment. This will include things like product labels, box labels, packing tape, measurement tape, weighing scales, and boxes. I have given a rough estimate of how much all of these things will cost you and I’ve kept the box free because you can probably get boxes from a local supermarket by simply going there and asking them if they have any boxes left.

What type of products you will sell

You will need all of these things, so you can prepare and send the products to Amazon warehouses, so they can be sold. The last and final cost you will have is the shipping fee you will pay when sending products to Amazon. The shipping cost varies on how heavy and large products you are sending.

However, as Amazon’s partnered with UPS, the cost of shipping is relatively cheap. For this strategy, I’ll put $10 aside for shipping which is a very fair amount. This means your total initial cost will come to $94, leaving us with a total of $156 to spend on products. Now $156 is a decent amount to invest in products but as you’re on a tight budget, you have to make sure that you buy the right products that will sell.

So now let’s move on to part two, what type of products to sell. Without good products, it’s pretty much impossible to have success on Amazon FBAbut thankfully there are thousands of good products out there that you can sell, and every week new products are added, so the opportunities will always keep coming. When looking for a product, there are three types of products on Amazon.

An arbitrage product, a wholesale product, and a private label product. For this strategy, the type of product you will be buying is an arbitrage product which is a product you can buy from your local supermarket and resell on Amazon. Here’s an example of a product. I can buy it from Argos for 15 pounds and resell it on Amazon for 30 pounds.

How to Scale your Amazon Business

The reason why you will be only looking into arbitrage products is that you can directly buy them from a retailer near you, and there is no minimum order requirement from them. So you don’t need thousands to invest. Another huge benefit is that these products are already selling on Amazon. So you don’t need to do any sort of marketing or even create your product.

You can use existing listing with other sellers and simply start making money, by selling the same product. All right, Jatz now I know what type of product to sell but what makes a good product to sell? So the first thing is the product weight. When looking for a product you need to make sure you are looking for something lightweight. This is because the heavier the product, the heavier the FBA fees.

So as the size and the weight of the product goes higher, the profit margins go lower. Plus the shipping cost can be very high if the product weighs more than two pounds. The second is the product category. Now I don’t recommend products in any specific category because throughout my time selling on Amazon, what I found is that on Amazon, anything and everything sells. You don’t wanna sell products from only a specific niche and miss out on all the other product opportunities from other categories.

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