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How to Start a BLOG in 2022 as a beginner

So you want to start a vlog that is awesome right here starting a blog in2022 is the best year to start getting a blog and grow because you know what many businesses and many people are coming online and people use blogs to learn things just the other day I was thinking about getting some books from my nine-year-old daughter and I searched on google.

#1 Choose your blog name and get your blog hosting

And what did I find mom blogs sharing the best books for nine-year-old girl and if you want to start a blog I’m here to give you a little overview of starting a blog the expectations what you need writing your blog posts and things like that and I’m going to share my new niche site so hang around to the end where I share that with you.

So just to let you know I make most of my income from my blogs it’s helped my husband continue to stay home it’s helped me stay home and my twins know nothing of it they think parents stay home we do things together we have lots of family time and hopefully, we’ll get to do some traveling in the coming years.

So I’m looking forward to that and it’s all thanks to blogging and I want to help you get started whether you’re a mom just like me that wants to have that creative outlet and see if you can monetize that passion or if you’re just sick of working and you just want to to start something on the side or you’re younger and you don’t have a family yet and you still want to just start a blog all of this can happen for you and help you make money.

#2 Start your blog by adding WordPress

Let me just go through an overview to get you excited and started over on my blog twins mommy I do have a guide here on start a blog it’s for mom bloggers the process is still the same I recommend that you first figure out your niche and what you’re going to be talking about this is probably the most important step if you want to start making money with your blog.

You need to find a topic that people will, first of all, know and understand and need help with and that is the second that is willing to get that help by paying for it you need to find those niches and how do you do that the biggest way you can do that is through Pinterest seeing what’s popular on Pinterest and then looking to you.

What you are searching for online I just told you that the other day I went on google to search for some books so something like that a motherhood site with you know book recommendations and recipes and things like that I go online all the time for recipes I go online for fashion for beauty for lots of things.

#3 Pick a simple theme to make your blog your own

I go online people are doing that something so finding those like topics and then narrowing down to your audience you know twins mommy is a site for mom bloggers it’s not a site for moms with twins it’s a site for mom bloggers who want to make money blogging many blogs are owned by moms that aren’t interested they’re not interested in making money for that purpose.

But so I don’t speak to them so it’s very specific so if you want to start let’s say a knitting blog who is your target audience is it just moms are it, young kids, you want to do knitting for kids you need to sort of figure that out and that’s where your profitable niche can sort of rise up and you can find that one niche.

#4 Add two key blogging plugins to find your readers and track stats

So even though it’s for moms this could be for a blog for anything it doesn’t have to be a mom blog with motherhood topics it could be anything but the first step is to figure out your niche is the main topic that you’re going to be writing about how you can go to routes you can do lifestyle niche.

So all lifestyle topics under your blog I wouldn’t do more than three so you would have like motherhood recipes and crafts like something like that or it’s just one topic it’s all about knitting it’s all about gardening it’s all about blogging it’s all about pregnancy it’s all about beauty it’s all about hair pick something that you can just focus on.

And know that you can blog about it for years to come you know recently niche sites are hard to develop content for years and years one of my sites is just freelance writing and so for years.

#5 Write compelling content to create a blog that your readers love

That’s all I did but then I hit a wall I couldn’t think of other topics I had to sort of slightly brought into jobs with freelancing so all the different types of jobs with freelancing and then I brought in a little bit with writing how do you write certain things how do you write a case study how do you write a resume how do you write these things an email.

I was able to broaden my niche to get more content ideas when you do have a niche site that’s something to consider is you know you need to be able to blog about it for five-ten years or however long your blog is succeeding something with a lifestyle blog is much easier to find content I have a lifestyle blog on smart mom ideas.

It’s very easy to find content for that site the only thing is that it’s harder to get google to know what my site is about niche sites make more money in the long run than my lifestyle blogs.

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