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How To Make a FREE Professional Google Business Website

Let’s be honest the google business profile website that’s free is a much cop and as a web designer for over 22 years I can generally check and see whether a website has a pretty design or not if you’ve got no website at all the Google  Business Profile website is better than nothing but this is where the chicken and egg situation comes in because you’re a business owner.

#1 Go to Google’s website builder

Who wants to have a professional website but you can’t afford a professional website because you’re not getting the customers and the reason you’re not getting the customers is that you haven’t got a good website the chicken-egg situation goes on and on so how can you put an end to that.

How can you get a professional website that’s going to put an end to the chicken and egg scenario well some may have suggested to you to get Wix or Shopify or Squarespace but as you may have already found out there are lots of hidden costs there are lots of ways in which it doesn’t come out free and that before you know it?

You’re paying hundreds of pounds a month another option of course is to get a web designer or to try and do WordPress on your own but then look at the time involved in trying to learn those skills if you’re not that way inclined of all fairness the google business profile website is hard to get to.

#2 Add your business name and click the blue arrow

Now almost impossible unless you go through the back end and as you’ll see it’s not that great you can’t change much on it either all you’re wanting to do is just run your business and have a website that brings in inquiries well by the end of this video you’re going to have a website that you’re going to be proud of and you’ll want customers to find it too.

But it may be that you do have a website and if you’re really honest it’s an embarrassment showing people it you’ve not updated because you don’t know how to and you’re embarrassed by how it looks yeah all your competitors are going online and getting inquiries and everyone’s saying to you. you need to get a professional website up and running.

Because if you want to survive that’s the way forward in your industry and this is when I’ve just recently discovered an improvement on google business profiles website and its google sites I never really considered it as being a way of getting professional results for no cost whatsoever but I was quite surprised what I found.

#3 Add your business category

So in this tutorial, I’m going to show you where you can get inspiration from how you can build this website what things need to be included if you want to succeed with your business and you’ll see very quickly it looks great with just no design effort whatsoever so let’s jump in and show you how it works and very quickly get your website up and running.

So google science is very much part of google docs as you can see here when you go into it and it will say start your first site and all you need to do is just pick one of these above if you pick the blank you’ll get more flexibility from the start probably the best thing to do is click event it’s a really easy one to set up right from the beginning.

#4 Select your location preferences

So click on that now you can then just follow through on the process you can follow through on a tutorial or you can just use a bit of common sense so you notice here from the date today event time at a venue you can fill these things in so if I was doing say my  30-day course I’m going to use that as an event for my business or if I was a website offering say photography courses then all you need to do is just know what your branding is and you would then start filling it in.

For me, I’m going to try and replicate to some degree the google business profile one the free one so obviously I need to make sure my branding’s where I need to make sure that I get the fonts and the colors that are a bit closer to my website so I go to my website.

I’m going to use this as my main focus of trying to get the branding across and of course my logo as well needs to be shown so how am I going to do that of course for your business  you may not have any branding you may not have decided exactly what fonts you’re going to use so now you’ve got that freedom to make those decisions.

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