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How To Get FREE Traffic To A Blog in 2022

Hi guys, in this article I’m going to teach you how to get free organic traffic to your content whether that written vlog content or youtube as well as debunking a couple of myths with regards to getting free traffic so before we jump into that it helps out if you drop a like on this article hit subscribe comment and share if you want to be updated with new articles coming out.

#1 Write Guest Posts for Other Blogs

Like this, all the time that are going to help you to find success online also if you want to jump ahead or click off this article at any moment I would first recommend clicking on the time stamp in the description fast-forwarding because I think I have something there that you might find interesting.

So free traffic is something that people are always talking about whenever you see a scammy product come out if you watch any of my reviews you’ll see that they’re all saying get free traffic automated free traffic thousands of visited every single day.

And 99.9 of the time it’s total hogwash it’s bollocks so there are two myths that a lot of these product creators try and purport and the first one is that by sharing your content you’re gonna get loads of traffic and a lot of these platforms out there they’ll give you like this full-page list of different platforms it’ll have like LinkedIn Facebook Instagram up interest.

#2 Share Posts on Social Media

It’ll have all these obscure ones like that you can share your content to and they’re like well if you share it some people are like well if you share you’re gonna get backlink juice which you know backlinks aren’t as powerful as they used to be and it’s generally not true and the other side they’ll be like well if you share on Facebook you know there’s two billion users and that means you’ll definitely get traffic and that’s also a myth.

Because if you don’t have a following then the two billion people aren’t gonna see your shared link so you’re just sending it out to the ether you’re not gonna get traffic that way but for some reason, so many of these people say that if you share you’re gonna get all this traffic and its quite ridiculous at this point.

#3 Utilize Forum Marketing

The other thing people talk about is using backlinks going on Fiverr Upwork paying for backlinks or as I said before sharing on all these different platforms Tumblr Mailchimp LinkedIn Evernote all these obscure one Estrella and because of that backlink juice because or you is a high domain authority site that if you share on there you’re gonna get that backlink juice and you know the huge company you might have heard of google.

They have an algorithm that has long figured this out they’ve long figured out what people are doing you know forcing backlinks dodgy backlinks trying to rank their content above genuine creators and they figured it out and that’s basically why it doesn’t work it’s basically why when you make a google search for you know generally anything you get the most authentic and genuine content first.

#4 Use Additional Publishing Platforms

Because these people they’re not messing around backlinks they’ve just written the right content and the billion-dollar algorithm google use knows that it’s able to tell that and in my own experience I’m getting fewer rankings when I try to you know fabricate backlinks and share it toa bunch of social profiles with no followers.

So how do you get free organic traffic successfully how do you get that flood well the only way to get a flood is you need to hit on two things the first thing you need to hit on is you need to be fixing something you that need to be solving a pain point for an audience that already exists the audience is the traffic.

The second thing is you need to optimize your keywords so that when they are looking for the thing that they are likelyconstantly looking for they find your content first so the mistake most people make is they create content because they think that this is going to be you know something.

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