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How to Do Link Building for “Boring” Businesses


Technically, there’s no such thing as boring businesses, but you clicked on it so somebody might be feeling a little bit self-conscious. But here’s the thing, not every business can get links from fancy influencer campaigns, getting front-page stories published all over the place, but if you’re a business that’s selling something industrial, you’re a little bit more B-to-B, you sell generic products or whatever, you’re just a little bit less sexy.

Content Creation

How do you get backlinks? Well, today I’m gonna show you six ways. To the Backlink Mobile. Of course, I’m assuming that you know why we’re getting links, right, to help your website’s ranking in search. That’s the purpose of all of this so the more links we get from better quality websites, the more than search engines like Google reward your site with incredibly profitable ranking, so that’s why we’re doing this.

We’ve blown up the rankings in a good way, of our clients, in lots and lots of different, boring industries. We love working B-to-B in industrial-sized. We win awards for this stuff and we make these clients millions so I can tell you categorically that being in a boring business does not mean that you can not do excellent digital marketing. You absolutely can.

Anyway, onto the tips. Now we’ve got six tips for you today and we wanted to find a boring business to illustrate and show examples with. We didn’t want to use a client, firstly because then we’d have to label one of our clients as boring, which isn’t that nice, but secondly, because we’d then be showing all of their competitors exactly what we do for them which they probably won’t be too happy with.

So we found an arbitrary business online and we’ve chosen Trelleborg! If you’re watching from Trelleborg, please don’t take offense, but you are the most boring business that we could find that is doing excellent marketing. So Trelleborg creates polymer materials that seal, damp, and protect. They make polymer seals.

Chase Links

Think more boring. So, a quick SEO quiz is the best type. How many websites do you think are gonna link to a manufacturer of polymer seals? Few hundred, couple thousand? Try two million backlinks from a total of 8,700 referring domains. They’ve got links from suppliers, from tech firms, from events, they’ve got stuff from Wikipedia, multiple publications, the list goes on. As I say, boring businesses can do excellent marketing, particularly using these six strategies.

Okay, just like couples’ therapy, strategy one starts with you, particularly the content that you have on your website. One of the main reasons that boring businesses find it difficult to get links is the content on their website is boring too. Just because you’re in a boring industry doesn’t mean you have to have the boring website content.

You’re not gonna get linked if you don’t have something that is link-worthy. If something is interesting or useful enough for people to link to. If you’re not sure where to start with creating awesome link-worthy content, then boom, check out this article but let’s talk about an example. So our friends over a Trelleborgare creating polymer seal.

How might they create some interesting content on their site? Well, they could think about this in a few different ways. Firstly, they could think about the types of questions that their audience might be asking, comparing the different types of sealant, for example. They could also think even more broadly about some of the topics that the general public would be searching for about sealant.

Guest Posting

For example, they might be searching for types of sealant. So this is quite an entry-level phrase and doesn’t necessarily reflect the customers of a company like Trelleborg, so why would they be interested in writing content on this topic? Well, because when people write about sealant, which they sometimes do, they will often need to link to an article that is an authority on the topic, and when they need to link to an article that is an authority on the topic, where do they go?

They go to Google. So we’ve done this many times for clients where we’ve got an article ranking for something that is maybe a little bit less niche, a little bit less specific than the topic their customer might be searching for, but we’re doing this because it gets picked up by other authors who are then gonna link to it when they need a reference.

So if we have a look, for example, at a phrase like types of sealant, we can see that this is an informational search. The sites that are coming up are all information that’s ranking. That’s good. We know that we can compete in this space then. If we have a look at this first link, for example, we can see that this is a fairly boring article.

We can see that they’ve got bullets here and that’s what’s being pulled through into this featured snippet, so if we’re going to write something like this, we would also want to use bullets, but what could we do to make this better? Well, we could make it longer, we could break it down by industry to give it more specific and useful information, we could include rich media like pictures, videos, gifs, memes, to make this fun and interesting to read.

Unlinked Brand Mentions

This isn’t just about blog and article content, though. This is also about product page content. If your products are being sold by distributors or retailers, you want to make sure that the information on your product pages is really good. Sometimes distributors will link to a product page rather than create their content if that product page is awesome.

But if yours is rubbish with hardly any info, they ain’t linking to it. If you’re enjoying this video, please subscribe to our channel. We love seeing that subscriber number tick up. And also, drop us a comment. What’s your business about? Let’s have a competition to see who has the most boring business? And then we can all collaborate on finding ways to get you links.

Now just by writing this content, you’re gonna pick up some links, but really, this is just the first step and you don’t want to rely on just picking up links accidentally. You can be a bit more aggressive with this.

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