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How to Develop An SEO Strategy in 2022

Hey guys! Welcome, Today we’ll be discussing how to develop an SEO strategy!  So you don’t miss out on anything in the future today. Depending on how you’re marketing and monetizing your brand, the fanbase you’re attracting can come from more than one path!

#1 Tap Emerging Search Trends

And unlike the common misconception that apps like  Facebook and Twitter are the only platforms they come from, social media is only one of them. Depending on how your fans use the internet there are chances that they use search engines more than social media platforms! For some people,  search engines like Google and Bing remain to be the first site they go to for information.

And if you’re someone who’s trying to market themselves to as many sports fans as possible, you mustn’t miss anyone by not establishing a strong presence in one of the most used platforms on the internet! That’s why as someone trying to market themselves or their products to sports fans, you must establish a strong presence in one of their most-used platforms on the internet!

Search engines are today’s modern libraries. Search engines collect and organize content and other think-pieces about various topics. And unlike normal libraries that rank their books alphabetically, search engines organize theirs based on a list of factors such as keywords, relevancy, and quality of content.

#2 Plan Your Content Wisely

Now, where does search engine optimization or  SEO, come in? SEO makes sure that your ‘book’  checks off every box that the virtual library has on its list, guaranteeing you a spot on the search engine’s rankings. They take note of relevant keywords that they think sports fans use while optimizing the technical side of the website.

Yes,  content and keywords matter, but search engines can’t rank sites that they can’t read. For Google’s little librarians called crawlers to rank all of the various books they have, they need to be able to read and go through them. If a website is not SEO-ready,  they won’t be able to explore the site,  making ranking difficult for your team.

SEO’s main goal is to keep track of all the crucial elements that your website needs to get that coveted high ranking on the SERPs and here’s how they do it! Going back to our conversation around search engines being virtual libraries,  there are other factors that SEO focuses on to get that high ranking their clients want.

#3 Use The Right Keywords

And these are on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO focuses on the content that users see on the website.  Strategists gather keywords that they think are relevant to their campaign and target them. The content to be put on the website will heavily depend on the keywords that you’ve gathered!

And from there, the SEO strategy will continue to build content around it! On the other hand, off-page  SEO is all about all the links directed towards your website! Another important element that search engines consider when ranking websites are backlinks — these are links that come from reputable platforms all over the internet.

Crawlers and algorithms are programmed to give higher ranks to websites that they deem more trustworthy than most. Off-page is meant to focus on the backend of the website! Like we’ve mentioned earlier, search engines like Google don’t just care about the content,  they care about the actual website itself! Is the website safe and working well?  Will it respond well to smaller screens like smartphones?

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