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How to Create A Cross-Channel Marketing Strategy

In this article, I’m gonna break down the exact marketing framework that I use to approach every single marketing campaign with the same marketing strategy that has generated tens of millions of dollars for my clients and my businesses.

Let’s get into it this is a framework that I picked up from my time at big consulting with Accenture in Deloitte essentially it is a three-part framework that allows us to understand all the different types of promotional opportunities that we have available to us this is traditionally used a little bit more for media buying but I’ve adapted it and I use it for literally every single campaign that I work on allows me to stay organized and see the entire field of opportunities.

#1 Create buyer personas

Before digging into it so for example to break this down a little bit anything owned is something that is directly controlled or owned by us the brand or the client anything paid there’s gonna be paid opportunities ads influencers and then anything earned up here requires effort to get it but you can’t necessarily buy it so things like organic press mentions or organic influencer mentions and these usually deemed by consumers to be the most powerful.

Because they’re unbiased opinions right when a third party shares something about how great your business is it’s very powerful to the consumer because it’s not coming from you it’s coming from somebody else’s referral so I have this broken down here into essentially a Venn diagram and what I want to do is I want to take all these tactics over here and just drag them over here.

#2 Use mediums that complement one another

So you understand which tactics are earned paid owned where do they overlap and then after you see all these things I’m going to take this and apply this to different business models e-commerce a local business an agency and I’ll show you how you can use this to build a marketing strategy from the ground up so I’m just going to go through these by one and drag them over.

So something like reviews or results are earned right when somebody writes a review you really shouldn’t be paying for it it’s not something that you own it’s third party content so that’s going to be an earned tactic and this is powerful.

Because if you look at something like a b2b business like our agency for example reviews and results and case studies are an incredibly important tactic incredibly important piece of content that we have to figure out how to generate this is also applicable to something like an e-commerce store.

#3 Unify your data

Where reviews are also as important but maybe not as important as something for b2b versus an amazon store where views are incredibly important or uh if you’re launching a book review are incredibly important so again what I want to drive home for you down here is that these are pretty much all the digital tactics that there are it starts with understanding where they map to in terms of owned earned and paid.

But then even more specifically how does that then relate to the different businesses that you’re working on or your specific business that’s the nuances and that’s where the money’s made and that’s what I’m going to continue walking you through here.

So then we come to something like video ads pretty straightforward anything that has an ad in it here is going to be a  paid tactic drag that over here influencers now this is interesting influencers you know they could live in here in between earned and paid.

#4 Align content with a specific buyer’s journey

I’m going to put them over here on paid just because for the most part especially if you’re just getting started you’re going to be paying people to talk about you however what you can do also you know is make a copy of this and put it over here to earn.

Because as you grow right you can see this intersection right here between paid and earned it says propel sharing an engagement with paid promotion so for example when you’re doing a lot of paid influencers over time they will naturally start to share your stuff on your own as more people get your product in hand or more people get exposed to your business or services.

They’re going to be sharing it naturally assuming that you have a good product right this is not a product framework this is a marketing framework so this is all operating assumption that you have a good product you have a good service that gets results and that is going to keep your customer happy.

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