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How To Create A Coloring Book For KDP


Hello, everyone, this is a  different kind of recording so today I wanted to do an article about how you can create your coloring books that which I did in a previous video I’ll link in the cards to the right top right where I did talk about a certain kind of book and it’s a coloring book for adults usually or they do patterns and mandalas stuff like that.

App 1

So how you can create your own unique so this is on an iPad specifically because this is what I have there are other ways to which I maybe will do future videos but if you have an iPad then there are two cheap ways to do it yourself so I say cheap because the apps themselves cost a very very small amount of money.

The first one is procreated I believe it’s still  9.99 last time I checked when I bought it it was  9.99 or 10 or something like that so I think it should be the same for y’all but I’ll try not to take too long because I’m recording this on my iPad and I don’t know how much room it’ll have because right now I only have a very basic iPad so these are some that I created a long time ago.

How to use app 1

They’re a little hard to see here let me do some of these other ones these right here I drew all of these no I don’t have them in a book or anything I was just drawing them I may use them at some point but these are just ones that I drew me as you can see you can do all kinds of different things and it’s really simple actually what you’ll do is you’ll open a new artwork.

Now you would do it over here you can make different sizes of your own and this isn’t like a tutorial here for procreating so I’m just going to go over this quickly I already have a neat and half by 11 bleed which is probably what I would make the book as it could also be a  square book like these right here but okay so I’m just going to do I have this set up already.

App 2

They changed some stuff in procreate last time I was in it so I was kind of messing around with it already and I drew uh this which isn’t really what I would do I was just messing around and seeing how to use procreate again it’s been a while what you would do is you can go here and under canvas this part right here where it’s blue you can click on drawing guide turn that on and then you can edit the drawing grind.

Now this will help with the drawing of all different kinds as you can see there’s a bunch of different ones um so you want to go to sim symmetry can’t speak and click options and there are different kinds so there’s vertical horizontal quadrant radial you can use all them all of them for different kinds of mandalas and patterns and stuff I’m just going to use radial because I like that one and I turn on leave on assisted drawing and to be honest I need to look up this rotational symmetry.

How to use app 2

Because that’s new but I just turned it on, for now, um seems to be working fine you can as you can see it may be hard to see but these lines here are pink and I can change the color to whatever color I want I just kind of make it this purple-pink because I wanted to it doesn’t matter click done now the brush you’ll want to use a brush there’s a bunch of free brushes and then some I have purchased or gotten free from other places.

Which is the one I will be using which is a free brush but you can use something like maybe the gel pen or the studio pen and you could do the sketching ones too as this pencil would probably be good you want something where you can make it the right thickness that you want so that’s up to you and you’ll have to test it too much taper at the ends may be a problem which is actually why I like the one that I use which is this et mono weight.

If I can find a link I’ll link it in the description but to be honest, a long time ago I downloaded this so I’m not sure you can pick your color I’m just going to use black and most of us for kdp will be using black and you can just double click on that and it will give you automatically black you can change on the left-hand side here you can change the opacity with this you want it up to 100 and then you can change the size and this is up to you on how big you want it.

So I’m just kind of um you know 12 11 whatever it’s fine now you can zoom in and out with your fingers and I do have the apple pencil which you’ll want you could draw this with your finger but it would be very difficult I’m just going to draw something quickly.

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